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The guiding idea of our contemporary art acquisitions goes in two directions: one that emphasizes concept over form and the other conversely, prioritizing spatial exploration in search of new dimensions of meaning. We felt that choosing only one of these directions deprived us of the other, denying the range that we want to promote in D+C.

In this way, we believe it is essential to follow up on the geometric art movement in all its forms, which at some point was the focus of the D+C modern section: to show the repercussions of kinetic or concrete art through the exploration of young artists. As such, the collection moved out of the channels of "the Latin American", establishing parallels and connections with abstractions in other latitudes, especially in Europe and the United States.

Our collection also grew in conceptual art, and it has been very fulfilling to see how both extremes come to a point: how decisions concerning mounting and museology establish unanticipated kinships and dialogues. In fact, by expanding the collection to this degree, the options to purchase and collect multiplied exponentially and we had to discriminate so that the curation did not lose its direction. These dialogues, or rather, the urgency to continue growing, have been what has pointed us to which branches of art can enrich us and those which can wait.

Visiting the collection virtually does not give a full understanding of the experience. Only a visit transmits the full experience - the semantic universe that we have been building.

Araujo Santoyo

Grietas V

David Manzur

Cabeza de San Sebastiansonando en un arbol

Guillermo Muñoz Vera

Burka # 2



Araujo Santoyo

Angel en Rojo

Federico Uribe

Yellow Sun

Gustav Adolph

El descenso a la tumba

Rafael Espitia

Y que!!

Armando Villegas

Luz y Sombra

Federico Uribe


Heriberto Cogollo

A donde voy

Armando Villegas


Federico Uribe


Luis Caballero

Torsos Collection

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