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A journey through art

Like many other art collections, we didn’t start with the intention of becoming major art buyers. We wanted to be surrounded by beautiful works of art, hoping they would be a source of joy and inspire a sense of fulfillment. Our house in Coconut Grove has great walls and we wanted to take advantage of them. Little did we know that a soon to be discovered passion would fill up not only those walls in a very short time, but also our hearts and our intellect. As a couple, we shared the urge to learn more, to see more, to be more daring in the exciting quest for new styles, for new ways of exploring canvas or interpreting three-dimensional space.

Usually, one starts with works that are easy to understand (or seem to be), figurative, and colorful. One tends to believe that great technical ability, like that found in hyperrealistic art, is more valuable and worthy of recognition. However, you soon realize that craftsmanship must be the means to an end and not the end itself. You realize that brilliant minds and talents don’t hesitate to look for solutions that can include all kinds of media nor do they fear experimenting with randomness. We eventually understood that an art piece can be important because it was produced in a certain way or in a particular situation; or because it has a history that occurred long after leaving the studio.

Araujo Santoyo

Grietas V

David Manzur

Cabeza de San Sebastiansonando en un arbol

Guillermo Muñoz Vera

Burka # 2



Araujo Santoyo

Angel en Rojo

Federico Uribe

Yellow Sun

Gustav Adolph

El descenso a la tumba

Rafael Espitia

Y que!!

Armando Villegas

Luz y Sombra

Federico Uribe


Heriberto Cogollo

A donde voy

Armando Villegas


Federico Uribe


Luis Caballero

Torsos Collection

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