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New Roads: Artists born before 1940

We always stayed close to our native Colombia, and the local museums there led us to understand and value the geometric tradition. This began with the works of Ramirez Villamizar and Carlos Rojas, which led us to explore the world of modern art. This included Venezuelan cinetism, Argentinian art such as Madi and optical, the concrete art of Brazil, as well as the forgotten masters of Mexican abstraction. As we began to travel to art fairs in other countries, we soon expanded to other artistic concepts. We started to see the connections between modernism and more contemporary art not only in Latin America but also in the rest of the world.

Today we can say that, even though we like to be consistent with our own curatorial guidelines, we are not shy to buy any work that inspires us. We are not only open but eager to understand new trends and continue to immerse ourselves in this never-ending story. We are very lucky to enjoy this passion together, as a couple, as D+C, and we are grateful to be able to meet with so many artists, curators, and other intellectuals pursuing new worlds through the visual arts. Many years have passed, but we feel that the journey is only beginning…

Agustin Cardenas


Aligheiro Boetti

Punto di Pensiero

Beatriz Gonzalez

Identity with mask

Bernardo Salcedo


Carlos Silva


Chisto & Jeanne-Claudee

Packed Tree (Project for the Institute of Contemporary Art University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

Edgard Negret

Sun Magenta

Eduardo Ramirez Villamizar

Snake Maya #2

Emma Reyes

Untitled (9413)

Emma Reyes

Untitled (9385)

Fernando Botero



Dibujo sin papel # 4

Jesus Rafael Soto

Series Jai alai

Alberto Biasi

Dynamic Gold

Angel Duarte


Bernard Aubertin

Des sin Fe feu circolaire

Carlos Cruz Diez

Physicromie # 504

Carmelo Arden Quin



Volume blanco

Edgard Negret


Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar

Manto Emplumado

Emma Reyes

Untitles (9393)

Fanny Sanin

Composition #2

Fernando Botero

Arena, La Plaza

Gunther Uecker

Gunthe-Verletzungen Verbindungen 4

Jesus Rafael Soto

Escritura Mediana

Alejandro Obregon


Antonio Asis

Cercle Blue

Bernard Aubertin

Tableau clous

Carlos Rojas

The Doors

Carmen Herrera

What it Takes

Donald Judd

Untitled/ (LASCAUX 89-20)

Eduardo Mac-Entyre

Generative Paint

Eduardo Terrazas

“Possibilities of a Structure”, sub-series “Cosmos”

Emma Reyes

Untitled (9411)

Feliza Bursztyn


Frank Stella

The Lamp

Irma Blank

Ur-Schrift Ovvero

Alexander Calder

Les Trois Ailes II

Beatriz Gonzalez

Cinta Amarilla

Bernardo Salcedo

Primera Lección

Carlos Rojas

Untitled Horizons Series

Cesar Paternosto

Untitled/Mixed Media

Edelmira Boller

Arco Roto

Eduardo Ramirez Villamizar

Relieve Modular Blanco

Emma Reyes

Untitled (9406)

Emma Reyes

Untitled (9341)

Fernando Botero


Garth Evans


Jannis Kounellis


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