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D+C Foundation


Our foundation understands that a key part of its contribution lies in supporting international talents who can leverage the global platform the city of Miami has become for the visual arts.

In 2022, we presented our residence program for mid-career artists. All while being consistent with the criterion that the collection has maintained since its inception: to integrate artists that already show not only a solid conceptual development, but that are also capable taking advantage of the opportunities created through blossoming and displaying their art via the channels and relationships that this project has been creating.

We are excited by the idea of establishing a rich philosophical and aesthetic exchange with these new voices, and by the prospect of seeing them grow, knowing that the residence at the D+C Family Collection Foundation was one of the axes that enhanced their future and development.

-Klaus Steinmtez Director-Curator

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We love supporting international talent. We integrate artists that show a solid conceptual development and are capable of taking advantage of opportunities.

D+C Foundation



D+C has created a special space for mid-career artists who wish to get to know the vibrant scene of the visual arts in Miami. Our house-studio in Coral Gables can welcome an artist for periods between 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the project planned. The application process opens four times a year exclusively for visual artists.


Following the application process, candidates will be chosen from the pool through an evaluation performed by a committee, consisting of the owners of D+C, its director, and an advisory board. Candidates will be notified three months in advance.


The following should be noted: An economic stipend will be given, and the guest can determine its use, in an amount considered to be sufficient for food and transportation. D+C cannot guarantee a Visa to enter the United States, and so priority will be given to artists who already have or do not need one. In special cases, D+C is willing to consider allowing family members to also live within the residence. Due to the nature of the residence, we do not accept pets.     


We will work diligently to place the works of art produced during the residence period within an art gallery or cultural space in the city, with the ultimate goal of exposing and promoting it to the art community. The resident must sign an agreement, accepting that the works produced will remain in Miami for the 12 months following the end of the residence period. The conditions in the case of a sale or the expenses derived from showing a piece of art in a determined space will be discussed with the gallerist or respective curator, with the direct participation of D+C. 


All promotion through social media of the works of art produced during the residence period must mention that they were part of the D+C project. 

Apply to our Residence Program

Click the "Application" button to fill out and submit an application. 

Applicant must include:

  • An updated resume.

  • Photos or videos of recent works.

  • A detailed description of the project that will be developed within the residence.

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